40 Foot Intense Obstacle Course

Castle Sticky Wall

Pedestal Joust

The pedestal joust is the ultimate battle between two opponents.The two opponents climb to the top of the pedestals inside the inflated arena to see who will be the first to knock off the opponent to the soft landing below. Who is the toughest gladiator in your empire?

The joust comes with 2 pieces of head gear and two joust poles. Great for adults and children alike.

Length 20 ft. 4 inches
Width 25 ft. 10 inches
Height 3 ft. 6 inches

4 Hour rental...$250.00 + tax  (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental $300.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

(Features crawl tubes, rock climb,crawl tubes,and slide.) Attach it to the 40' Intense Obstacle for 70' of Fun!

Length: 30ft.
Width: 11ft. 
Height: 16ft. 

4 hour rental...$250.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental...$300.00 +tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)  

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70 Foot Maximum Intense Rock Climb Slide Obstacle

Interactive Game Rentals

(Features log jams, pop-ups,crawl tubes,squeeze walls and more.) 

Attach it to the Rock Climb slide for 70' of Fun!

Length: 40ft.
Width: 11ft. 
Height: 10ft.

4 hour rental...$275.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental...$325.00 +tax (includes delivery, set up & take down) 

Strap on your harness; it's time to test yourself against the pull of the mighty bungee! Compete against an opponent to the end of the run and try to either place a marker on the velcro strip or retrieve the marker from the velcro strip. 
The Bungee Run has been a popular event favorite for adults and children for may years.

Length: 38ft.
Width: 11ft. 
Height: 8ft.

4 hour rental...$225.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental...$275.00 +tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

38 Foot Bungee Run 
Adrenaline Rush- Nuclear Obstacle Course

Length: 36' 8"
Width: 28'
Height: 21'

No matter the sport, World Sports Games has the game kids want to play! Choose from these popular sports activities: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, dart/Frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as children play their favorite game simultaneously and facilitate variety as participants have the chance to play each sport.

4 hour rental .... $250.00 + tax (includes delivery and setup)

8 hour rental .... $300.00 + tax (includes delivery and setup)

Prices do not include sales tax.
Some areas may be subject to additional delivery fees.

Infusion Inflatables currently serves the following counties and cities in Arkansas, Mississippi &Tennessee:

Shelby County: Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, Memphis, Millington, & Rossville

Fayette County: Oakland

Tipton County: Atoka,Drummonds & Munford

Horn Lake, Nesbit, Olive Branch, & Southaven 

Marion & West Memphis

World of Sports Games 
30 Foot Dual Lane Rock Climb Slide
Shooting Stars Basketball

Infusion Inflatables of Memphis


Proudly Serving the Memphis Metro Area since 2012

Our basketball inflatable will be a hit at your next event. Play as a single or have a two player competition. Bet you can't take just one shot! Great for adults and children.  Rental includes 2 basketballs.

Length 16 ft. 6 inches
Width 15 ft. 6 inches
Height 16 ft. 6 inches

4 Hour rental...$225.00 + tax  (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental $250.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

40 Foot Backyard Obstacle Challenge
Length: 40ft.
Width: 11ft. 
Height: 12ft.  

4 hour rental...$225.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental...$250.00 +tax (includes delivery, set up & take down) 


One of the most popular Inflatable Obstacle Courses ever created!!! The Nuclear themed pieces give your guests an extra sense of urgency!! Dive through the entrance hole, fight your way up, over and through the bars, up the first rock climb wall, down the slide -crawl through the barrel, up and over the wall, elbow through the vertical poles, squeeze through the narrow gaps in the barrier wall, now up, up and over the 2nd rock climb wall, slide down feet first, scramble out. Great for Team Building, Endurance, Pride Testers or just plain backyard Fun! Great for large events such as school, churches, and corporate events. Better yet be the talk o the neighborhood and rent this obstacle for your home event.

Length 28 ft. 
Width 45 ft. 
Height 18 ft. 

4 Hour rental...$595.00 + tax  (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental $645.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)


(Features crawl tubes,log jams, rock climb,crawl tubes,squeeze walls,and slide.)

Length: 70ft.
Width: 11ft. 
Height: 16ft. 

4 hour rental...$525.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 hour rental...$625.00 +tax (includes delivery, set up & take down) 

The Castle Sticky Wall 2 comes with velcro suits for children, youth & adults.

Length 21ft.
Width 13ft.
Height 15ft..

4 Hour rental...$195.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take down)

8 Hour rental...$220.00 + tax (includes delivery, set up & take )